Monsignor Mike's Desk - December 10, 2017


As you well know by now, the CTK Annual Giving campaign was given the theme: “90th Anniversary: Happy Birthday to Us”

My intention is to give particular focus to exactly where the annual campaign funds will be allocated each year.  This year, the monies will be designated for the repair and replacement of our 78 year old church/rectory clay tile roof.  In the back of the bulletin are sample photos of some of the problems we have.

The suggested plan is to remove all the tiles on the  church/rectory complex to access the felt underlayment which needs complete replacement.  There may also be need in some places to replace some wood decking that has deteriorated.  It is estimated that up to one third of the tiles would need replacement while the others would be reinstalled.  The copper downspouts and gutters would also be replaced.  And, of course, there is the scaffolding expense. 

The bid will come in two phases:  Phase 1 deals with the west side of the church and the rectory roof, downspouts and gutters.  The cost is $200,000.  Phase 2  will deal with the east side of the church roof and the bell tower.  That will be pending as to the level of success with this year’s campaign.

How is our current campaign going you might ask; here is the latest report.

GOAL: $200,000   DONATIONS TO DATE: $52,890  +  $50,000 matching grant achieved  = $102,890  +  $40,900  BEYOND SUNDAY rebate = $143,790.

In addition, we have submitted a grant application for $50,000 to the Archdiocese “Ensuring Parish Viability“ Fund.  We will receive word as to the reward in January.  To date, 74 CTK households (out of a possible 420) have contributed to this effort – 17% of the parishioners.

This beautiful parish church serves everyone.  I would hope that as we come to the end of the year that we would hear from more of our parishioners.  Depending upon the grant award we still need between $7,000 - $57,000.   Some told me during the “Beyond Sunday” campaign that they would rather see all their donation go directly to the parish – NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!  Given the makeup of our parish and the pride demonstrated, I find it hard to imagine a less than 50% response to this effort.  I urge you to please be an active part of this campaign.

May Christ the King reign in our lives.

Msgr Mike