Monsignor Mike's Desk - January 14, 2018


We extend our CONGRATULATIONS to our CTK children who celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the very first time this past Thursday. (Their names are listed elsewhere in the bulletin today.)  May they always know of the tender mercy and great love that Jesus has for them.  May they, in turn, learn to follow Jesus in offering forgiveness and hope throughout their lives. 

The recent cold snap has caused some major problems that had to be quickly addressed.  Just a couple of days before school resumed a motor dealing with our boiler system shot craps and had to be replaced.  Also, a water main erupted on our property causing the ice you may have seen on Dartmouth.  It needed to be dug up, extracted, replaced, filled and asphalted back together.  I have some “costly” photos to offer for your viewing pleasure.

Finally, our CTK Annual Giving/90th Anniversary Roof Fund Drive will officially end January 31st.  We are narrowing the gap between donations and the goal.  Another generous parishioner, inspired by the first challenge gift, has stepped up to help us succeed by offering to match whatever else comes in these last two weeks up to $5,000.  There is still time for those of you we have not heard from to step up and be a part of our parish effort to secure our church roof for the next couple of generations.  As has been done for us by those who have gone before, so may we do for those who have yet to come to Christ the King!

Roof Fund Report as of 1/8/18 
GOAL: $200,000
TOTAL TO DATE: $139,982 + $40,900 (from Beyond Sunday) = $180,882

May Christ the King reign in our lives.
Msgr Mike