CTK Annual Progressive Dinner

CTK Annual Progressive Dinner
April 13, 2019
Cocktail Party 6p Dinner 730p Desserts at MRC 9p

We hope you can join us for another fabulous evening of fellowship and fun at the CTK Progressive Dinner! This event contributes a significant percentage of funds to support Ladies Sodality, supporting faith and educational initiatives for the women in our community. The Progressive Dinner is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people in our parish community and connect with those you haven't seen during the cold winter days! All are welcome. Share this attachment with other parishioners and encourage new attendees!

We are seeking volunteers to host dinner, a cocktail party, or co-host desserts with the Gerhardts in the MRC.  Please confirm what you are hosting (cocktail party or dinner) if you signed up already. If you've not hosted previously, pair up with someone and co-host. It is great fun!

Contact Liz Pratt @ pratt11307@gmail.com (314-956-5654).